Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tis The Season: Straight as an arrow

Of the top, let's dump those space man cards from a couple days back:

Kyle - you best be a SW nerd or I'll set the cards to combust on you. Oh, and I need to be honest. The stack of SW cards is going out one card fewer:

Letterbox version
Sorry, but that beauty is now residing in the miscut binder. I do hope you understand. Thanks, Kyle.

Hey - who plays online games? I don't mean like WOW, SWTOR, COD or any of the other acronyms I can make up.

ODB: Level 70 mage
I'm more talking about just simple Shockwave or Flash games. When I get bored, I'll fire up a few. One of my seem to go to's when I get bored is Bowman. There is just something deep in a sick well of my soul that likes the unneeded blood in that game. Well, no blood in today's stacks.

Two stacks of Bowman cards to giveaway. I think it's a mish mash of Bowman, Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft. Like one jumbo of draft. I broke the stacks down for two lucky winners - top and bottom of the randomizer. Keep on reading to get to the comment box. Com'on....keep reading.

If you just jump to the bottom, you miss out on some recent PWEs fired on my location. And they have some pretty sweet stuff. First up - recently retired Jim from GCRL.

Jim used a crossbow and launched some White Sox minor league cards and a couple throwbacks. How I did not have a single copy of that Maybin confounds me. Thanks Jim.

Chris, from Nacho Grande, loaded up his English Longbow and in sailed a bunch of set needs. Chris did substantial damage to the 2015 A&G full sized inserts and a few Stadium Club cards as well. Much gratitude, Chris.

And finally John, from....well, John is a reader. He will need to be shamed into starting a blog. But John rolled out the ballista and sent over just three cards. But three great ones they are. Nellie joins the Fox binder. Santos is one of those thick Bowman gold border cards. And George? What - you didn't know I collect cards from the Big Red Machine? I don't.

Unless the backs look as wonderful as that. John, I appreciate you thinking of me.

See, that wasn't so hard. You saw lots of new cards and now you get to comment for a chance to win some as well. Then, fire up Bowman and kill some things.


  1. Random stacks of Bowman sounds like fun!

  2. Bowman Draft you say. Sign me up damnit

  3. Count me in for the Bowman stacks!

  4. BRandon L entry - thanks so much!

  5. I'm in! (And that reminds me, what the hell ever happened to Sergio Santos?)

  6. Bowman is cool. Not as cool as the wrong-back 1982 Topps card, but still kinda cool. So count me in.

  7. All right! Saw my first Star Wars movie two days ago (guess which one haha ;) ) - loved it!

  8. I have zero creative things to say. So I'll spoil Star Wars Episode 9 instead... Chewbacca loses all his hair.

    I'm in!