Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sorta, but not really, live blogging

Right now, as I type this very sentence, it is the 2nd period in the Hawks/Wild game. It's tied up 1-1 and the Wild's first power play of the game just ended. There is 7:06 remaining in the 2nd period. I figured since I have some hockey cardboard to show, I may as well tie this post with something.

All you young hockey players at home....
Ok - just went to a commercial and we are back with a face off in the Hawks zone. And the Wild goes back to the man advantage. Carroll with the trip. After a couple clears of the zone, Toews and Hossa are out to kill off the power play. Recently, DJ from Sportscards From the Dollar Store offered to pick up any Hawks at a card show. With DJ in Canada, any Tim Horton Upper Deck cards were an easy ask.

Horton's at the top, and with the die cut Toews card. I wish food stores here would do some card giveaways again. I remember McDonald's years ago, but nothing recently which stinks. The Horton cards look even better than the scan.

Sigh - three straight power plays for the Wild. Stupid penalties, but the 2nd period is over. Little replay of Kane extending his scoring streak with a miss hit, but a goal none the less. And now that stupid Chevy commercial where the guy throws eggs at the people walking in. If I see that dumb LG commercial with Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing with random selfie videos, I will scream.

Kip Lewis back in the studio with an update. Where's Siera Dantos? Better yet, I miss Sarah Kustok. Too good an offer for her to stay here. Then again, considering, she needed a new start in life. Speaking about old, I love these retro OPC cards of Kruger and Keith. Plus the junk wax card of Goulet. That man knew how to grow a mustache.

Third period just started, and the Wild are really dialing it up. Currently they are out shooting the Hawks 27 to 19. Someone needs to step it up. First game back home after the circus trip and this does not look like a team glad to be home.

Since they were gone for the past two plus weeks, they were not able to see any of the retired numbers in the rafters of the UC. A couple years back, Panini Classics had these die cuts in the packs. These are the first two Hawks I have from the banners checklist. Missing Hull and Mikita. No Hall and Maggie, though. Crime....

Another commercial. Verizon Star Wars with Chewie and BB-8. George would have never whored out his product this way, but Disney will sell it at will. I saw Cover Girl has Star Wars makeup. Really? That's not a slam that Star Wars is not for girls - it's for everyone. But makeup? Anyway - back to the action - 13:27 remaining. And the Hawks just draw another man advantage. Time to put the biscuit in the basket, boys.

Big hit from DJ were these two gems. Two color swatch from Shooter, who is enjoying the Stars having a really good team this year. They will be tough to beat. And an on card auto of former blue liner, but now GM with the Sharks Wilson. Doug likes to try and steal players from Chicago. Right after the 2010 Cup, he made a huge offer to Hjalmarsson, basically forcing the Hawks to decide whether they wanted to keep him or goalie Niemi. We matched and let the Sharks have Antti. Two more Cups later and the Bowmans made the right choice. And Niemi is now in Dallas with Sharp.

I still totally love that Wilson card. Been wanting his auto, along with Al Secord's, for some time. Those mid/late 80's teams that had all the talent and should have had a couple long runs into the playoffs are still a favorite. Wilson, Savvy, Secord, Eddie O, Gramps, Bannerman.....

Ok - 8:18 left. Still 1-1. And I'm out of cards. DJ - thanks as always. And crap.... 2-1 Wild.


  1. Yea... That was an ugly loss. At least these cards are worth looking at!

  2. I hate that stupid LG commercial. Those Tim Hortons are choice.

  3. Talking of stupid penalities, two days later, Thursday night against the Sens two cost us the game. Hossa retaliation and too many men. Oy! This team has not gelled. Kaner is awesome, though.