Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tis The Season: Stars of the gridiron

Let's give away some Gypsy Queen and then some.

Bo, aka Bo Rosny gets all them cards. Enjoy.

So today's pile of cards you can win is a total mish mash of a bunch of sets:

All football. All the cards came from pack wars during 2015 at my card shop. We have packs of Panini Prizm, Topps Fire, Topps base football, Bowman Chrome. Topps Strata, Topps Platinum, Panini Contenders and more. A little over 100 cards for this giveaway.

Ok - right now I am baby sitting a dog, and she is a BEAST of an animal. Sweet as pie, but pure muscle. My poor little Affen is hiding out in our bedroom. Anyway - not a lot of time to type, so let me give some more thanks in this post to another recent package.  The Card Papoy, run by the generous Kevin, sent me a decent sized package recently. He was giving away groups of cards from sets he decided not to complete and was kind enough to help me out with 2 of the piles.

I have a want list up for Hometown Heroes, and the stack he sent knocked a few numbers off. I have yet to put up a want list for Diamond Kings, mainly because I plan to pick up a box soon. But Kevin, being the man he is, couldn't just send those alone. He also added in a few White Sox for me.

A gold Paulie for the Konerko binder, a refractor Sale for the throwback binder, and a blood foil Eaton for the Sox box. Geez - neither the home or road uniforms for the White Sox work with the red foil.

And what have we here? Just a 1st Day Production from the '93 Stadium Club release. Match that with a mini relic of John Danks and you have some fine company with some unwanted cardboard. Well - unwanted in France anyway.

Thanks again Kevin. And know we are still thinking of you guys over the water. It's a shame that so much pain had to happen to learn of a band I should have been listening to for years.