Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tis The Season: Instant collections

Going to be a little different bit of a giveaway today, but before we get to the details, I have a stack containing Stadium Club, Opening Day and Diamond Kings that needs a new home:

Congrats Matt. Too bad Bob Walk wasn't in this year's SC. But at the rate Topps is going, he should be showing up in Gypsy Queen in the next couple years. I mean - John Kruk?

So on tap today is going to be an interesting bunches of cards. Let's go to the scan to start this off.

If you have been around here long enough, you know that along with the White Sox, sets and player collections, I have three specialty collections I am referencing in this post: players bunting, players in throwback uniforms and players making the turn at 2nd for a double play. Currently, my binders for each collection (2 per) hold the following number of cards:

Bunting - 1040 cards
Throwbacks - 800
Double plays - 925

Plenty of you know about these collections and as such, I get a lot of cards of players bunting, in throwbacks and/or the turn at two. Which, in turn, means I can build up quite an amount of dupes. About the middle of the year, I started keeping these dupes separate from my regular by team separation I use for trading. And I did that for this very moment: INSTANT COLLECTION!

If only the USPS was that fast.
So I have a bunch of cards in each group. For the double play, I have about 125 cards. For throwbacks, I've got about 190. For bunting, call it 500. That's a guess. There are dupes in each one, I can assure you of that. I'll probably break bunting into two or three stacks to giveaway. But we are going to do today different that all the other Tis The Season randoms. If you are interested in any of the stacks, leave a comment stating which stack you would like. You can choose one, two or all three. Based on the number of people requesting each stack, I'll figure out how to handle the distribution. It will probably be Random, if  I have more than 3 people for the DP or throwback. I think I am just looking into interest for any of these stacks. I dread having to break them apart to the individual teams, so if someone wants to have a cool collection like I me, then you can be cool like me.

The Greek council will have to disagree with that statement, Jeff.
I know of two people who are certainly cooler than me - Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown and Dennis at Too Many Verlanders. The influx of cards over the past two weeks has been amazing, and I am way behind thanking each of you. Trust me - I will show my online appreciation in due time. Both Gavin and Dennis dropped what I would call Christmas gifts to me, and each was lovely and very well thought out.

Unfortunately, my scanner makes Gavin's Christmas card filled with cards look like a last minute Walgreen's gift shopping. But I swear, these are some gorgeous cards. A couple amazing chrome Stadium Club double play cards (nope - not dupes so those are not in today's giveaway) and a sweet Aaron Rowand Gold Label card. I believe Gavin recently ripped a box of Gold Label, and that makes me most jealous as the more I see the set, the more I want to build it.

I'm also hoping to build the annual Gavin custom Christmas card collection. Thanks, man!

The small mailing from Dennis reminded me of two things: 1) That I was WAY over due to send him something and 2) HOLY SHIT IS HE GENEROUS! We have a TTM of Bobby Thigpen, plus an auto of former Blackhawk and 2010 Stanley Cup chanp Viktor Stalberg. But dig that star in the center. It's only a lil' ol' black printing plate from last year's Panini Classics of Nellie Fox. Oh boy, I am going to have to do much digging to repay you for this gem, Dennis. Thank you kindly, you fine gentleman.

Ok. By the time this posts, I should be almost at my brother's place in Indiana for our yearly Christmas Eve get together. If you are out and about tonight, be safe. And if you don't stop by here tomorrow, have a joyous Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza, fantastic Festivus or however you celebrate the season. If you're sad and lonely this time of year, send me an email - we'll chat.