Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tis The Season: Falling behind.

I really wanted to post this yesterday, but by the time I finished a bunch of chores and ate dinner, it was after 7:30. It's makes me a bit mad at myself because I'm not timing all the card stacks very well. Now TTS3 will end up lasting until Jan 2 if I stay on posting daily. That pushes my year end round up and 2016 plan posts into that weekend.

Basically, all my screw ups are throwing off my flow.

Dam it.

Anyhow - there are some cards to giveaway first. I had offered up instant collections of bunting, double play and throwbacks. Five people asked about them, and I'm just going to do my best dividing the stacks between you five. So Bo, Al, Adam, Dion and Nick - I'll drop cards on each of you per your requests, and with luck they will all be new additions.

By my math, I have 5 groups of cards left to giveaway. Today's set is the largest pile of dupes I have. So large, in fact, that 4 winners will come from the randomizing. That will mean the people in place 1 & 2 of the list, and the two people at the very bottom of the list.

My crappy phone camera was extra crappy today, but I think you can ID the set. Yup - 2015 Flagship. If I counted correctly, each stack is 143 cards strong. Roughly, you should see 35 cards from series 1, 19 from series two, 87 from Update (damn you frigging retail exclusive throwback uniform cards) and a couple inserts. I had already sorted the stacks which is why three of them have the same card on top. So if Update is the set you really need, this is a good stack to win. You know the drill.

Speaking at the top of the page of my custom collections, let me showcase a package from Shane over at Shoebox Legends. I know I say this a lot about blogs you should read, but take the time to view the excellent Sports Card Blogroll, managed by James, that is loaded with awesome blogs and writers. But Shane is one site that I make sure to visit often. It made sense that he won the 2nd best blog award I ran last year - he earns it with each post. He also earns a lot of gratitude with the package he sent over recently.

I didn't buy very much Heritage, so I missed that throwback card of Aviles from the set. I also have yet to pull the Abreu rookie sensations, even though I have bought way too much Update (damn you frigging retail exclusive throwback uniform ca...) Oh, I ranted about that before. Sorry. But if you are sitting on any of those, I have a binder page with too many holes.

One of the instant collections that will never be a giveaway are miscuts. I can get 20 of the same card and they will all be kept. Joey Johnston makes the first hockey miscut to make the binder. I shy away from football and basketball miscuts, but hockey are welcome. Also welcome are miscut Topps stamps. All baseball sets are welcome, as are hockey. I hope you understand that not accepting basketball and football miscuts isn't an attempt to make the binder exclusive and to be intolerant of other sports.

The star of the package was this beauty for the bunting binder.

This Lee relic is the first jersey card to make the bunting binder, joining a bunting Lopez auto. Lee retired from baseball in 2012 after a successful 20 year career in both Korea and Japan. Shane, it's always sweet to receive cards from you.