Sunday, August 24, 2014

3 by 3

Welcome to the blog, for today you will see
The number of scans totaling to three
And within each scan for your inspection
Are three more cards to add to my collection.

Each picture is items from a different letter
Though all are equal with none of them better
Cards I received from envelope of white
And added to my binders with sheer delight.

Thanks first go Hot Corner Cards which is run by Pat
Who's PWE contents are first on the matt
There's Harris, while turning two he did fly
Plus Howard and Uggla in uni's from years gone by.

These are from Tom at Waiting 'til Next Year
Yeah, a Cubs fan but we need to share a beer
Sox stickers and a McKnight quite offset
Then Tom said about Johnson "Why's he in the set?"

It's like having my own Card Shop is the last I will show
Run by the great Daniel, don't you know
He was surely excited to send me a few Buehrles
I'm the guy to take them - just don't call me Shirley.

So there you have it, three scans of three
From three different senders all mailed to me
Return envelopes will be sent out before long
'Til then, here is my link to a YouTube song.


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  1. That was one big fat cat in the video. Love me some school house rock!