Sunday, August 3, 2014

Off the Cuff: Gintacuffs VI - packs 9-12

Let's not waste any time. I left off at 63 points, so let's rip 4 more packs and see what we can add to the total.

Pack 9

This makes four packs in a row without a deduction. Nice group of old timers with the Sandberg, Newhouser and Smith, though they all total zero points. However, the Andrus is a short print base, and the Machado mini is also a short print.
Andrus SP base = +2 points
Machado SP mini = +3 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Running total = 70 points

Pack 10

Sigh. Did you have to double Yankee on me? I think that Cobb is a different photo than we have seen in other Topps products recently. Kang seems unpleased with Tanaka. The Kelly is a short print, and thank goodness or this pack would have been a wash.
Two Yankees = -2 points
Kelly SP base = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2
Running total = 72 points

Pack 11

Thank goodness Boggs is shown as a BoSox in A&G. Black bordered mini with the Hawk. I'm sure in 100 fights with Briggs, I could win at least one. If someone shot her before the battle.
Natural Wonder = +2 points
Dawson black bordered mini = +3
Running total = 77 points

Pack 12

I just visited Buffalo Bill Cody's grave on my last visit to Denver. For a guy so popular, it's pretty low key (in my opinion). Nice image of Sparky surveying his team. That Bench mini is an A&G back, so bonus points. At first, I was upset about the Yankee Stadium Fields of Yore, figuring I would get the one point deduction because of the rules. However, the GAC commissioner gave the ruling that since other great events have happened in the park, there is no deduction.
Fields of Yore = +2 points
Bench A&G back mini = +2 points
Running total = 81 points

Only added 18 points this post , but I averaged 6.75 points per pack in the first half of the box. Not sure how I am comparing to others in the contest, but we shall see. Only one hit so far - two left in the 2nd half of the box. Come back for more.

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