Thursday, August 7, 2014

Off the Cuff: Gintacuffs VI - packs 21-24 (the end)

Final four packs. One thing I am pretty certain - first place.

At this time.

Cuz no one else is done with their boxes (to my knowledge).

So I will enjoy being #1 for the time being. Oh, and I suck at math. For the Howard I pulled in pack #13, I should have added +2. I only added +1. With that correction, I am starting the final 4 packs with a point total of 133 points.

Pack 21

Decent pack, points wise. Goldschmidt is a short print base. Nice mini from OBAANDW mini (I'm too lazy to type the whole thing out). I think those are one per box. Otherwise, we have a lot of set building in the pack.
Goldschmidt SP base = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Outlaws, Bandits, etc... mini = +3 points
Running total = 140 points

Pack 22

Another pack of base set filler, in regard to the GAC point sheet. The Carpenter is a nice throwback uniform card. Another high number card with Gonzalez, and the Masterson mini scores me extra points being an A&G back.
Gonzalez SP base = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Masterson A&G mini = +2 points
Running total = 146 points

Pack 23

I read somewhere the short print A&G back minis come one per box. In that case, here is my one. And a cool one two as a nice oddball card that A&G really needs to keep in the set. More please, Topps! Rienzo scores me a point for my favorite team. Which is good cuz he's not earning any points in the real world with me. Nice rocks on the Natural Wonder card. I see a turtle. Where's the lobster?
Rienzo favorite team = +1 point
Natural Wonder = +2 points
Barbed wire A&G SP mini = +6 points
Running total = 155 points

Pack 24

Well, as you can see, no bonus hit in the box. In fact, we end with a Yankee, just was we started. I pulled the Friedlander base. So I have the base, mini and relic. Trifecta! This ends up being my 2nd 1 point pack of the box as I only score because of the insert.
One Yankee = -1 point
Air Supremacy = +2 points
Running total = 156 points

FINAL TOTAL = 156 points

So there we have it. Grand total (barring any more screw ups on my part) of 156 points. In 2013, the lowest score was 174 points, so I am hoping the scoring is lower across the board. Otherwise my hopes to win are as desolate at the scene in pack 23.

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  1. FWIW, one of the other bloggers (can't remember now which) ended with 171.6, dang it. I still have 6 packs to bust (as of this comment), but I don't see pulling anywhere near that.