Monday, August 4, 2014

Off the Cuff: Gintacuffs VI - packs 13 - 16

Halfway through my box, and I am sitting at 81 points. I am still looking for my last two hits in the box, while avoiding the dreaded Yankees. Without further delay, let's post some packs.

Pack 13

Good start this post - not a Yankee to be seen, nor any of the other deduction cards. Davidson is a favorite team bonus. Anabel Sanchez is a short print base. More points. Lastly, we have an insert. Otherwise, this is a set builders pack.
Davidson favorite team = +1 point
Sanchez SP base = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Running total = 86 points

pack 14

And there is my second hit. Framed auto, so I get points. But man - a blogger? I have seen the site this guy writes at; it's not my cup of tea. I may make jokes/posts about my wife Kate Upton, but I don't need that kind of sexual exploitation all the time. Anyhow - the guy in the upper right is the opposite of the Bourdain I pulled. Foust gives me a bonus point for pulling his card. Nice Williams mini, but no score from him.
Portnoy framed auto = +12 points
Foust cool base = +1 point
World's Capitals = +2 points
Running total = 101 points

pack 15

Only in Gintacuffs can Gehrig be a liability. Pettitte? Oh yeah - I don't like him. But deducting for pulling the Iron Horse hurts. The only positive thing about the Pettitte is that he is from the short print section of the set, so his bonus cancels the Yankee stank. The insert saves me from a zero point pack.
Two Yankees = -2 points
Pettitte SP base = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Running total = 103 points

pack 16

ROCKIES HOT PACK! However, 0 points. Donny Baseball, however....groan. More beauties in 2014 A&G with Miss Universe. Jones is a short print. And I have to complete Little Lions, though everyone knows Man's Best Friend from a couple year ago was a far better mini insert.
One Yankee = -1 point
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Jones SP base = +2 points
Little Lions mini = +3 points
Running total = 109 points

Added 28 points this post - very nice. While the auto was pretty lame, it gave me some great points in the contest. But still - lame.


  1. Wow, I think if I pulled that auto in the middle of Gint-a-Cuffs, I'd forfeit.

  2. All kind of hot packs in this post... Wil Myers hot pack... Ted Williams hot pack... The Rockies...
    You're right, the framed mini auto was LAME.

  3. Yeah, I'll jump on the lame wagon for that auto as well. Of course, if Topps ever included some of us "regular" bloggers in their set I'd be bummed if someone called my signature lame. Still, lame.

  4. That Howard mini gets you points as well as he's Brad's favorite player.

  5. I'd be the first to say that it would be lame if someone pulled *my* autograph from an A&G pack. Unless I somehow become much, much more famous/infamous between now and that point in time.

  6. I tried to petition the Commish to rule the Barstool guys as non-baseball Yankees but he declined. So I'm happy for you in that regard. But really, all of us being associated with those "bloggers" makes me feel icky.