Saturday, August 2, 2014

Off the Cuff: Gintacuffs VI - packs 5-8

We started ripping my box of Allen and Ginter yesterday. An okay start, though packs kept losing me points because of evil empire cards. I'm going to need this box to step it up and start cranking out the points. Let's see what the next for packs have to show me.

Pack 5

Well, the Yankee curse is back. How I get deducted for an old timer is confusing. I get losing points to Mattingly, Clemens, Pettitte, etc.... But Maris? I don't make the rules, though. The Sale is a great recovery. Favorite team, plus I have Chris picked as my favorite player. And it's a mini! Festivals and Fairs is a nice insert set.
Yankee player = -1 point
Regular back mini of favorite team and favorite player = +6 points
Festivals and Fairs = +2 points
Running total = 36 points

Pack 6

And boom - first hit of the box! Underwhelming, however, I do believe that is a throwback uniform on the card of Kimbrel, so I think I will keep it. Great shot of the Fields of Yore Astrodome, but I don't think of the old Houston ballpark as yore-ish. One per box hit of the mini Predators. At least I didn't lose any points this pack. Highest scoring pack so far.
World's Deadliest Predators mini = +3 points
Fields of Yore insert = +2 points
Full sized relic = +8 points
Running total = 49 points

Pack 7

Two in a row with no Yankees. One more, and that's called a winning streak. Love the Carli Lloyd card. Another Field of Yore, this time in Cleveland. Now that's what one calls yore-ish. Darvish is the favorite player of another GAC participant, so points there. And an artistic mini.
Darvish favorite player = +2 points
Fields of Yore = +2 points
Where Nature Ends mini = +3 points
Running total = 56 points

Pack 8

We are officially on a streak. No deductions for a 3rd straight pack. Arenado is a short print base. And dig that mini. Just the hottest player in MLB right now. Sorry I can't show you the front, but you can use this thing called the internet, and maybe you can find that card flipped over.
Arenado SP base = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Abreu A&G mini and favorite team = +3 points
Running total = 63 points

Nice set of packs there. Got some good points, not a lot of deductions, and a couple White Sox cards to boot. And don't forget the ninja turtle mini.


  1. If the Kimbrel relic is available for trade I would be very interested. You can email me at quinniethetrumpetman (at) yahoo (dot) com.