Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Space cadet

He's done it.

She's done it.

You've done it.

We have all made a purchase without taking a good hard look at what we were buying. Maybe you forgot to check your want list, or didn't make sure of the card condition. Possibly we were too blurry eyed to notice any extra fees or pay close attention to the description. But sooner or later, we all make a purchase that causes us to question our intelligence. At the very least, our sanity.

I just did it. I was at Target, getting a few needed items and made a stop by the registers. Picked up a couple packs of the new UD MVP hockey release, just to look at it, and also decided to grab a blister pack of A&G. I never like grabbing the package on the outside, so I grabbed the one behind. Hit the check out, got to my car and started ripping. Only, when I ripped the 3 card gold bordered mini insert pack, they weren't gold bordered minis, but white framed GQ cards.

Yup. In failing to look closer at what I grabbed, I bought a blister of GQ and not A&G.

The packs are sort of the same beige. Granted, the front image is nothing similar, but I think I can garner some pity in that the color scheme of the two releases are pretty similar. Right?

You go with that feeling, bro.

So will the retail gods shine upon me and make this a worthwhile purchase? The framed base cards gave me these...

Not amazing, but could be worse. The Killebrew is nice, and I know where the Pedro is headed. And the minis?

Eh. Pujols is a SP and we have retail mojo with a red bordered #/99. But not all that great. How about the inserts?

Decent in a player sense. Dreadful otherwise, because I don't need either for my set. But the base will save me, right? Out of the 13 total base cards in the pack, let's scan all I will be adding to my set.

And that's it. One. One single card, and only because it's a high number. At least it's the 2nd best lefty in the game right now. Though, with news about this little fun he has been having with the media, I think we can argue the best in the game. However, in the future, I need watch what I am doing.


  1. I don't follow the Sox close at all, but if Sale ever does this, "One of these times, I'm going to have to blurt it out, whatever it might be," a smiling Sale said. "Just, 'Oh, yeah by the way, this,' and walk away." ... please, let me know! I think that would be an awesome post game interview depending on the word!