Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Off the Cuff: Gintacuffs VI - packs 17-20

Coming up on the home stretch. Eight packs remain. I meant to post these packs yesterday, but my stomach had other ideas. Nothing a good 11 hour sleep didn't fix. But really - who wants to hear about my body?


Seriously, let's get back to the packs. I was sitting at 109 points. Then someone (Plaschke Greg) reminded me I missed a favorite player. I pulled a Ryan Howard mini in pack #13. That's an extra point I missed. So I am starting at 110 points. Here we go.

pack 17

Here is a dud pack point-wise. No deductions, thank goodness. But barely any points. Nice to see Lasorda back on cardboard. And the mini is cool. But only the Air Supremacy gains me any value.
Air Supremacy = +2 points
Running total = 112 points

Pack 18

Well, if I didn't think I could do worse than a two point pack, I just did worse. Ruth loses me a point. And no Ortiz - you are no Ruth. Stop trying. Nice pull with the Doc Andrews and sprinter Felix, but no points gained. Ottawa saves me from a negative pack.
One Yankee = -1 point
World's Capital = +2 points
Running total = 113 points

Pack 19

And there is my promised third hit. I hope I get a bonus in the box. Still, this is FAR better than the loser blogger auto I pulled. I am highly considering mailing that auto back to the guy. I am being serious. Anyway, the relic (which may be from the shirt off his back in the photo) gains me a good score, as does the A&G backed mini and the Natural Wonder insert. Sabathia, though, knocks me down a point. 
One Yankee = -1 points
Natural Wonder = +2 points
Rosenthal A&G mini = +2 points
Friedlander full sized relic = +8 points
Running total = 124 points

Pack 20

Finish this post with a pack of good players (not so fast, Deion). Best part is two of the cards are of favorite players (Molitor & Yount) and the Wilson is a short print. 
Wilson SP base = +2 points
Molitor favorite player = +2 points
Yount favorite player = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
Running total = 132 points

I am way behind last place from the 2013 Gintacuffs, however, I think the point values this year are lower. At least, I am hoping they are. If not, I will need a hug. Friedlander?


  1. I'll have to put together a White Sox/Black Hawks care package to get that Ottawa Capitals card from you.

  2. You are the first person I have seen with a Yount, my favorite player. I didn't get one. We'll need to work a deal out on that.

  3. I'd send the auto back to the guy, too. Look, even if I were in the set and I had an auto card and I pulled my OWN auto card, I'd send it back to me... Or something like that.