Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's a card I don't have

Sorry about being quiet lately - it's been busy as the 2x3 domicile. My daughter headed off to college in the UP. Work has been a bit of a mental drain. I pulled a nice summer cold into my body that I am still fighting off the coughs from. I have the Night Owl pocket book going, which is known as few dollars for the month of August. That being said, I have a stack of packages to go out in about 2-3 weeks.

I have also received a ton of cardboard into my house, and I am grateful for it all. I need to get posts going to show off and properly thank each person. I promise to get to them because there are some really nice cards I now own, and the sender is due his praise.

I'm just going to keep this post quick. New addition to the Pierce Project. I have been watching a card on ebay for about 6 weeks. Fortunately, no one else jumped on the "buy it now" listings until I had the $5 needed for the cost and the shipping. It took a few times of adding it to my watch list, but then I finally pulled the trigger. New to my collection:

This card completes (to my knowledge) the 1962 run of cards put out by General Foods. Along with this Jell-o card, I have the '62 Post releases from both the US and Canada.  The Jell-o version has the image coloring of the Canadian version, but the biography and stat line of the US version. The "traded" blurb doesn't exist on either of the Post versions. though.


  1. Nice add to the Pierce collection. I've been lacking the Canadian Post version and have about given up looking.