Friday, September 30, 2016

20 cards and 52 years ago...

My 1964 build hit a bit of a wall as I have not been hitting that Orland show at a monthly rate to keep snagging cheap vintage. I may find a few here and there, but for the most part, it's been a slow drag through from 50 to 75 percent completion. Granted, I still have all the big names to pick up, but no reason I shouldn't be pulling in more of the commons needed to fill the pages. I'd place blame, but it's clearly the fault of the man in the mirror.

...And doggone it - just go on COMC, already.
Fortunately, I have Chris to save me. Chris, of the painfully quiet Old Foul Cardboard, seems to have the best card shows. He gets my White Sox and Blackhawks cheap, and finds the other stuff I need as well. He sent a couple mailers in the past couple weeks. Some Bowman and 2016 Topps White Sox - no need to show you those, because the stars of the packages were the hits to the '64 build.

If you are aware, the '64 set I am building, quality is not a major concern. That being said, of the 20 cards Chris sent, these are the "worst", and they are far better then many I have in the binder. I believe Wrigley Wax was just talking about that Sterling Slaughter a week ago.

How about some bigger names too? Sievers, the 5 time All Star and ROY in 1946. Pumpsie was the first African American player for the BoSox, the last team to integrate. Joe - well, Joe is a White Sox, as well as a 2 time All Star with the Cardinals.

High numbers? Chris had those too. Love that Al Dark card. 1964 Topps high numbers are not too hard to find, but they can still have a higher price on them.

But '64s were the only things within.

Told you Chris finds me nice Blackhawks cards too. This, from last year's UD Artifacts. But as much as this is a nice hit, it was not the star of either mailer. That distinction goes to this rectangle.

I scanned it a few times, and it's not as miscut in hand as the scan would make you think. I believe this is officially my first Koafax card. I know my LCS has his '64 base card in a case, but the heck if I can afford it at this time. That is a hell of a sweet card, though.

Now, I have some '64s from the recent card show trip to sort, but thanks to Chris's work, the 1964 set build sits now at 69%.