Monday, September 19, 2016

Crossing off numbers (and a contest update)

A couple quick comments on my "put yourself on a card" contest. I am looking to close this up and get the post up this Wednesday. That being said, if you still want in, and need more than 48 hours, please leave me a comment here or on the contest post and I'll give you what you need. I'm flexible.

There was that one summer at gymnastics camp....
Also, a shout out to Jeremya1um. Shoot me an email. I'm hoping you have larger copies of your cards. When I try to snag them off your post, they're pretty small and will get all pixel-y on me when I post them.

Now, I am a numbers guy. Not like a certain P-town Tom is a numbers guy. He's like crazy numbers. Being a math teacher will do that to a man's brain. But I try to build my want lists with numbers. For some people, that's not the best. Number and name they like. And I got no problem with making your list that thorough and specific. I not that kind of guy. Cards have numbers. I write numbers. I check off numbers. Easy peasy.

You called?
Adam over at Addiction is Therapy loves to read my numbers and help me cross them off.

Two high numbers for GQ. And yes, I am still working on last year's Allen and Ginter......

......while working on this year's. Fortunately, Adam ripped a few boxes, so he was sitting on a large chunk of duplicates. Eaton was my favorite player in this year's Gint-A-Cuffs and I pulled no cards with his face.

Minis and Ginter are always a ton of work. I could spend a year's worth of card money and still not finish the mini sets on my want lists. Adam came through big. How big? Four of the minis sent were the exclusive binder minis. Remember in 2014 when Topps put out an Allen and Ginter binder and there were exclusive mini cards with the binder (the jerks)? Adam dropped 4 of those babies on me. That Ned Kelly is one of them. I forgot to scan the other three (like a dope). Thanks Adam.

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  1. hey chief. i'll have a link for you with my entries later tonight, so you don't have to worry about posting them yourself.