Thursday, September 1, 2016

One page

Hopefully, we have all experienced the joy of receiving a PWE and the cards were packages in a piece from a 9 pocket page. I have been buying the cheap 35 page packs from Walmart and cutting them up to use in many of my mailing.

Please. It's not like I threw away a few '87 Topps. Or closer to 500.
I have received many, and recently Bob from The Five Tool Collector folded an entire page into an envelope, with each slot containing one card. To save trouble, let's scan the whole page and see what we have.

VINTAGE!!! Nine slots of vintage. Let's work are way done top to bottom, left to right:

2016 Gold Stadium Club Sale. Jeff, you say. This is not vintage, you say. I reply that 1997 Fleer is almost 20 years old. For the sake of this post, I'm labeling this card "vintage".

2016 Archives Todd Frazier. Homage to 1991 Topps. See Chris Sale above.

1962 Topps Civil War. Now, as wars go, I'm partial to watching the snot out of any and all things World War 2. Not to say I haven't watch the Ken Burns special a few times and have some WW1 shows in my Netflix list. Bob has been working on the Civil War set and was kind enough to send my what I assume is a dupe, just to get me jacked for it and to start considering building it. So thanks, but you suck at the same time, Bob.

1958 Ron Jackson. I currently have this card in my Sox team set, so I am going to try a TTM request on this one. Let's see if I can luck out.

1960 Billy Goodman. Technically, this is also a dupe, but the quality of this card is much better than the 3 creased copy I have, so this is an upgrade. My. Goodman passed away 30 years ago, so no TTM on the old card. I'll keep it for a future player collection.

1967 Don Buford. Three dupes in a row for the Sox team sets, but another upgrade. And Mr. Buford is a great TTM returner. I've actually been meaning to send one to him, I just haven't had the card to mail. I do now.

1975 Dick Allen. NEED! Allen cards are expensive enough, so you can imagine what I would spend to try and add this card to my collection in this town. Check!

1962 Post Sherm Lollar. Upgrade. My current Sherm is a bit mangled from the 9 year old's safety scissors, so this is a fine replacement.

1961 Al's Aces. NEED!! For my team sets, quality is never a concern, so this is a beautiful addition to the 1961 set and gets me to the halfway point of the set.

Nine cards. Two quarters of postage. And a page I can use to send to someone else.


  1. Wow, an entire page in a PWE? That seems crazy.
    I like that gold parallel of the '97 Fleer Sale. I was actually going to hand build the SC set this year, but that early comparison to '97 Fleer stopped me cold.

  2. Great PWE! If I only knew you wanted that 75 Allen. I'm sure I have a few laying in the trade boxes.

  3. love that Civil War set! also, you have e-mail senor.

  4. O man I must have read you wantlists wrong because I was sure those three across the middle were needs. LOL That's what happens when you try to read blog want list pages on your phone bent over a box of vintage while attempting to casually ease the annoying 13 year old over to a different box with a subtle hip check.

  5. Ah yes, the "sheet strip special"...