Monday, September 26, 2016

Random thoughts and random cards

I few quick updates as I have been a busy beaver for the past week and have barely had the time to post, read posts, sort cards received or even get my desk into some semblance of order.

Try building a dam to hold back the influx of cards
First, had a great time at the Orland card show with Dimebox Nick. Lots of good cards to be found and bought. We missed meeting with Tony. He blames his short stay and limited budget on his fiance getting all up in his grill about spending money on things that are not her. At least that's what he told me, soon to be Sam Burbs. I can show you the email to pr......oops - I deleted it. You'll just have to trust me.

(Aaaaaaaaand that should put Tony on the couch for a week)

I have a contest running. I haven't even looked at the current voting scores, but I think I'll let the voting run until this weekend. If you haven't made your voice heard, go do it.

Yesterday, Nick told me that Arnie and Fernandez passed away. I saw a lot of blogs with tributes. I saw Arnie play a lot more than Jose, but I really have no deep connection to either. I know for some, their passing really hit home, and watched a few videos of people talking about each of them and their impact not just on their respective game but on the people that admired them. I also know that over the weekend a lot of other people spent their last day on Earth - people who's only difference from Arnold and Jose is the length (or existence) of a Wikipedia article, and the number of photos on Getty or Associated Press. But they left behind loved ones too, who will miss them each day. So it's sad when anyone goes, whether their fame lasted 15 minutes or 15 years or was coming up in 15 weeks.

Let's end with a couple cards.

Both for the 2005 Project. I have only ever seen one autograph of El Duque wearing a Sox uniform, and the person thought it was worth over $70 on ebay. I passed and finally settled for a Yankees card for five bucks shipped. Uribe is the same - very few White Sox autographs, and the few cards he has seem to be pricey. So getting this one for $8.50 shipped will do for the binder. Two more off the list.

Hope to talk tomorrow about my card show haul. Or a recent mailer. Maybe something interesting. Or maybe dead silence.

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  1. i have somehow avoided obtaining a juan uribe autographed card, and you would think those would be thrown in discount bins and dodger collector trade piles by the dozens.