Wednesday, September 7, 2016

LAWIG: just one card

Quick update on the contest: Looks like two entries so far, and interest from a couple others. Com'on guys (and girls) - have some fun!!!! I may have made the rules a little strict, so let me loosen then a bit. Maybe I was the only one of this ragtag group of dorks that played a lot of baseball as a kid. And I mean a LOT. I played the hell out of the sport from age 6 until my final year or organized ball at 15. That was the first year I rode the bench for most of the season (age, I guess). And the game looked boring while soccer looked exciting.

Pictured: Exciting
So there are plenty of pictures with me in uniform. Maybe I am just lucky. Maybe you all played as much but don't have access to images. So here's an idea: how about a baseball card baby announcement of yourself like Sooz and Dan did? Try and use a design that's the year from your birth. Commishbob, I know that would probably be a T206, but go with it. If you are interested in taking part, leave a comment on that post and I'll wait until you post your design.

Ok - how about a single card?

Topps did an online exclusive all blue sapphire Chrome set. The full series 1 and 2 sets. That's how I have a Chrome Eaton from 2016, as he & most of the Sox got kicked from the hobby/retail Chrome set. For $5.75 total with shipping, I could have bought a pack of Chrome and not pulled ANY Eaton cards, so this is a win in my book. And the scan does these cards zero justice. These are gorgeous in hand. 



  1. I'd do it, but I lack any and all know how. For starters I'd you the 66 Topps Design (in fact there is a John Miller in that set, so all I would need to do would be somehow put one of my lame pics in where his is. But, no idea how to do it.

  2. LOL...funny guy. I don't have access to the few pics that exist of me playing ball but I'll try to dig something up. There IS that NY Highlander team pic with me standing next to Albert Spalding ......