Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The return of PWE Wars

I am still sorting the spoils from the recent card show. And by sorting, I mean they are still sitting in the box they came home in two days ago and all I have done is moved them from near to my left elbow to farther from my left elbow. At this rate of sorting, the cards should be somewhere around Des Moines by 2037.

More exciting then when they added the 3rd color to the traffic light.
So let's knock around a couple recent PWEs by way of a little game known as PWE Wars. It's like Food Network, where every damn show on there is some stupid competition: cakes, cupcakes, meat, trucks, pumpkins, sandwiches. Even kids get in the act hating on each other. Everything is a freaking battle on that channel. And to set the mood, I'll even wear a low cut shirt.

I'll be playing the part of Kate Upton in this post.
Today's contestants come from mailers courtesy of John from Johnny's Trading Spot (who sent me a MASSIVE box I am still sorting through), and Shane from Shoebox Legends. The rules are simple: I compare the cards in each envelope and score them. Whomever has the higher score wins. This is the 3rd installment on PWE Wars. Each of the first two ended in a tie. Let's see if that will change this time out. John is on the left and Shane on the right in each image.

Oh - tough start. Like myself, Shane is building a buyback frankenset, and he sent some dupes to help me out. John, on the other hand, has been cleaning out a ton of cards he bought from a collector. I have very few of the code cards from the 2008 World's Greatest Victories set, so I jumped on what he had. Growing up, I was a nutjob about space, so I will have to give this round to John.

More A&G goodness versus a fauxback uniform the Rangers wore. It's a decent uniform, for never existing. And a few companies put it on cardboard. However, the A&G takes this round as well. Cards that show real throwbacks overtake fake throwbacks. John is up 2-0.

Our 3rd A&G insert card from John talks of the story of a smaller man cutting down a larger giant. Shane counters with two miscuts. Two cuts are better then one. Shane trailing 2-1.

Remember Deep Blue? It played chess against Kasparov and beat him in a rematch played in regular chess time rules? Well, Deep Blue is going against a couple other colorful cards with blue, along with red, green purple and a bunch others. And that would win out, except I have both the Abreu and the Beckham. John up 3-1.

Bunt vs. buyback. Giants vs. Tigers. Pitcher faking it in the batting cage vs. pitcher faking it in the outfield. Helmet vs. sideburns. Sideburns win. Shane down one 3-2.

Shane is on top and John is on the bottom. All total, Shane sent me 5 buybacks for my frankenset. All were needed and I now have about 116 cards in the set. John sent me 3 bunting cards with the Allen and Ginter insert set. I needed the Estes in the last image, but I only needed the Orsulak here. 3 needs beats one, so the round to Shane.

And let's total up the score. Well how about that - another tie. What are the odds? Well, you know my recommendation: send more cards and we'll try and get a winner the next time. Until then, have some parting gifts....