Friday, September 2, 2016

Of Hoyles and Hawks

After I published yesterday, I realized it had been a week since my last post. I won't bore you with details, but I will reiterate that I suck and I'm sorry. If you care to read this drivel, that is. If not, then I suck and I am sorry for showing up in your reading lists two days in a row.

In related news, the sky is blue and water is wet. Film at 11.
A quick one highlighting two mailings. I think my recent Hoyle-ing from Mark Hoyle would have been a PWE if not'll see.

Two for the White Sox Archives team set. The Eaton would have gone to the Eaton PC, but I already snagged a card for there. And a BIG Topps Big of mid 80's closer extraordinaire Thigpen highlight a small stack of cards for other years in the Sox box.

I have received a couple of these Sox playing cards, and Mark set most of a complete deck. Now I will have to buy the whole deck myself, which means I can break up what I received for current and future player collections. Here's the best, in my opinion, from each suit that was in what I received. Crede and Lollar went to their respective binders, and Appling is a soon to be binder starter. I love the fraction of bat you see on the Kittle card. Thanks for the mailing, Mark.

DJ, in the frozen tundra of the Great White North (well, what's left of frozen from climate change) and of Sportscards From The Dollar Store, finally gave the go ahead for mailings. Canada Post showed it can be just as dysfunctional a government entity as it's southern neighbors. He sent out a mailer to me with a ton of Hawks cards. New Champs? Yes please. Love the relic of Calder winner Panarin. Shame to see Shawzer go. He's going to get lost and forgotten in Carolina, just as Saad is forgotten in Toronto. So forgotten, in fact, that he is actually forgotten as a Blue Jacket, but you didn't even notice I named the wrong team.

I do love my Canadian trade partners, and those close to the border, cuz down here, there is not a lot of O-Pee-Chee to be found. Not vintage, at least. Sutter is one of the 4 brothers of the 6 Sutter NHL'ers  to wear the Indian head. He put in 6 years as a player and 3 as the head coach, finally getting his name on the Cup twice as the current coach of the Kings. Keith Brown (or "back up Brown" as some fans call him) played 14 years with the Hawks. He would have been a Bruin if the Hawks didn't draft Brown one pick before Boston. Beantown had to settle for Ray Bourque. A decent d-man, he got the sarcastic moniker of back-up Brown because he gave attacking forwards too much room as they crossed the blue line, instead of meeting them as they entered the zone. DJ - thanks as always.

Will I post tomorrow? I have some plans for a possible contest, so you may want to come back if I do.


  1. What year is the BIG card of Thigpen? I don't think I've seen that year before. I didn't know they did it multiple years to be honest, the only one I know of is 1988 (I think).

  2. Enjoy the cards. The hero decks are pretty easy to find. They made the Topps big. Three years 88,89,90