Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Putting you in the game!

Alright, so let's put a capper on this little contest and take a look at the entries.

First up, we have Corky from Pack War:

From Corky's post, he used the 1988 Topps football design as his basis, being this is him from a yearbook photo pulling in the grab. And Corky colorized the shot too. Not bad work, Corky. Did Greg Brady take this photo, and did it help you win the game? Cuz your feet are in bounds.

Next, Gavin took time away from his customs at Baseball Card Breakdown:

Good old '56 Topps. Gavin was right that 1956 TOpps can be a hard design to copy, and he turned in quite the cards. Dig the Tatooine shot in the background. Best part is now I can forge Gavin's signature.

Jim from GCRL FrankenDodger wherever now:

Jim emailed me two entries. The year is 1986 on a traveling team, so he used the '86 Topps All Star set, but Jim likes the '85 All Star cards better, so made one of those too. So he held the opposing team scoreless in the top of the 9th and then hits a walk off double in the bottom. And then right into the waiting arms of his gaggle of baseball girls. Ahhh....the life of an All Star.

Next is Jeremy from Topps Cards that Never Were:

Forgive the tiny view - Jeremy said he only had access to a small version of the card. But since his blog is Cards that Never Were, I am calling these cards from the never produced 1994 Topps mini set! Jeremy was the only player that submitted a card back. Because of the size, let me help you out:

"On December 8, 1993, Jeremy lined a soft grounder down the Third-Base line and beat the throw to First to collect his first Little-League Hit. On January 9, 1994, he logged a Walk, and later came Home to score his first Run of the season. His 2nd Run of the season came on Jaunary 17 against Jim Lee Paint Company in 7-4 Tony's Pictures win. He also threw out a baserunner at 2nd from Rightfield, but the umpire blew the call."

Now THAT is a bio! If you look at the front of the card, you can see the ball just above the head of the left fielder. That's primo action capture.

AJ is up next from The Lost Collector:

Good old junk wax. 1988 Score is the star here, but only for the moment until you realize Lil' AJ is having an issue with even little-er AJ. And AJ is rocking for Chuck's. Or are they PF Flyers?

Last, but by no means least, Tony from Wrigley Roster Jenga:

Our other non-baseball edition, the one thing I can say right off the bat is I know this school and have driven by it a few times. But a fine job taking the 1960 Topps baseball design and flipping it to a card for a member of the cross country team. With the right photos, that design works in a lot of places.

Let's take a quick look at the winner's haul, though I think I will have to send a little something to everyone cuz of their fine work.

Vote early, but with the right setting you cannot vote often. At least I hope I ticked the right box.

Pick the best custom

Lost Collector
Tony Burbs
Survey Maker

The names are in the order if the images above to help you out. I think I'll leave it open a week or so. Have at it!


  1. here's where i'm hanging my hat now. stop by and take a look.

  2. no way I can chose just one. They are all winners to me. Great jobs fellas.

  3. I love the write-up on the back of Jeremy's card, but AJ's helmet reminds me of Marvin the Martian. AJ FTW.

  4. Great work. I've never coveted somebody else's photo-editing skills more than right now. My vote went to AJ with his over-sized helmet and wrong foot on the bag.