Friday, September 9, 2016

What is wrong with me?

First off - shut up, alright. It's a blog title. Only I get to answer it.

Awww, I had a great comeback too.
If you saw the post that showed off my card room, you may remember this image:

There is a little bit of junk in the front, but that is the spare bookshelf in me room. It has anout 20 binders on it, most are 3" rings and only 2 binders have anything in them. One has 88-89 & 89-90 Topps hockey sets. The other is a small 1" binder holding my White Sox minis. All the rest are empty. I have space for tons of card, if I had the 9 pocket pages and got around to organizing sets into the binders.

With that being said, why in the world do I keep going out looking for more 99 cent binders at the Goodwill? Sure, some people will call collecting a sickness. But when I have soooo much space available, why would I be looking to bring in MORE space to go unused? First fill up what you have, and then get more.

Fortunately Jim from FrankenDodger (GCRL is dead to me! As is FrankenDodger technically, but I am getting off track) sent me over his latest trade package, that I need to get on my horse and return favor for. I can count on Jim for binder fillers.

Lots of bunts, and so many of them new. The OPC Kirby is in my ebay watchlist, and soon to be removed when I make my bi monthly track to update the list. The Bernard at the bottom looks like he is just about to make contact. And if so, there is NO WAY that thing is going to lay down as a drag bunt. Not unless the bat barrel dropped a good 18 inches within a half second of that picture.

Plenty of other binders saw page files as well. I'm sure I need a lot of 2014 binder cards because that is an ugly set. Not sure if I would rank it above or below 2016 though. One of the Alou family caught on a mini miscut. JT in sweet throwbacks. I'm not sure who is behind Snow, but shame on the pajama pants. Minnie was a need for the 1960 set. Lastly, I am slowly building the Golden Age mini sets. Just a frankenset of the backs. I have only a want list for 2013, mainly because of the amount of minis from that year's Golden Age, but I'd take any 2012 or 2014 minis if you need to rid them from your house.

I can get a binder from the store to put them in.


  1. Believe it or not, I had a hard time letting that jt snow card.

  2. It's a shame you don't live in the Bay Area. I could give you free binders whenever you want. Teachers are constantly leaving binders on the free table in our staff lounge.

    P.S. Cool UD stool.