Thursday, April 19, 2012

'12 Gypsy Queen SPs

All the latest buzz in on Topps 2012 Gypsy Queen offering. I have said a few times I am quite unhappy with myself for the lack of 2011 GQ I bought (or didn't buy when you really get down to brass tacks). I'm not going to say I have, or will, gone nuts on the 2012 version. I have picked up a few blaster boxes and a couple rack packs. Nothing great to shout about when I opened pack. However, as I was going through the checklist online concerning short prints, I found something.... interesting.

Here, according to all the checklists I have seen, is the short print version for Mr. Strasburg. 

His regular GQ card has him in home whites with a side shot of him early in his pitching motion. A few of the short prints in GQ are subtle cropping of the images, but the Strasburg, like most, is an easily identifiable image change versus the card from the base set. But look at that card. Look close. See if you can see what I see....

I don't watch the show - what's with the pineapple?

I lied - there isn't anything to really notice about that short print, except when you see this:

c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

I have zero base cards of Stephen and 3 SPs! Either someone is REALLY wrong about which is the shortie, the seeding of cards really sucks at my Walmart, or I am re-donk-u-lously lucky in pulling his SP. Which is it?

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