Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday SIL: H-B-K! H-B-K!

One of the coolest parts of Allen and Ginter in the influx of non-baseball cards. From the alternate sports (skiing, skateboarding and soccer), to great minds of the world, historical figures and the like, A&G gives you a nice range of interesting cards you normally wouldn't find.

I really like this Shawn (Hickenbottom) Michaels card for a ton of reasons. I like wrestling. There....I said it. I know it's just entertainment and there is no intention to injury (though injuries are a common occurrence in the sport). I enjoy the story lines. I like the larger than life figures. I like the skills on the microphone ripping the future opponent with well crafted jabs.

I always loved the Heart Break Kid. High flying, super styling and cocky, HBK always gave you back your price of admission. To me, the GREATEST story line in wrestling was Degeneration X. Michaels and HHH started years of fantastic story lines and brilliant works. Now granted, the height of DX occurred when Shawn was laid up with a serious injury. But there is still nothing better than watching HHH and Billy Gunn "invade" WCW events and use their incredible mic skills and quick wits to create some classic moments. And then when Shawn returned, the recent year's DX bits were a Vince McMahon HHH and a Shane McMahon Michaels. Just.....just watch this and laugh

This is a card of a guy I like, equal to a White Sox or a Blackhawks card, in my book. And he is also a guy not afraid to be real and say it like it is. He lived a pretty crazy life, but then got focused and got saved. It was no mystery in the wrestling word that Shawn was a Christ follower. I found it quite courageous that he professed it clearly when he retired from the ring.

Christ is risen. Happy Easter. 


  1. Hey Jeff, I found your blog and you can count me among the loyal followers!!

  2. Love your blog and yes.....i love wrestling as well...since 1975

  3. I enjoy some wrestling from time to time myself. I watched it for about 3 years when I was younger, and now watch it every now and then. Mostly because Mike Mizanin (Miz) was a year younger than me in the same fraternity, so it's neat to see him there now.