Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From the dollar menu

Along with Sox, Blackhawks, Billy Pierce and other items on my wants list, I am working towards all 20 autographs from the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics USA hockey team. If I can somehow find a Herb Brooks for less than an arm and leg, then call it 21. Here is #3 - Mark Johnson. Now, while I would like to get 100% authentic, who can really trust COA for starters. Second, I don't want 8x10s of anything like that - I am shooting for card sized or maybe just larger. And cost is a main factor. This Mark Johnson (which, if you compare on eBay, sure looks pretty real) set me back 99 cents with shipping. Now, either someone has no clue how to scam or this is really what it is and no one else wanted to take a chance. For the price of a slider, with change, I get what I feel is real without the trip to the bathroom (sorry about that mental image folks). This brings me to three Olympians - Mark Johnson, Mike Eruzione and Jack O'Callahan. I have leads on a couple more which I am going to shoot for via TTM.

Bonus? Pocket schedule. I loves me a pocket schedule.

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