Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Feature SIL: Brought to you by....

...the letters A, S and B. "A" as in Albuterol, "S" as in Sulfate and "B" as in Biaxin. See, I have been getting my royal butt kicked for the past 5 days with either the flu or walking pneumonia. Cough that won't let me sleep. Fever. Achy joints. Bit of a stuffy head. It started with a pre-show on Tues, went full blown Wed, knocked me out of work Thurs and Fri and is still giving me a whipping as I type this. But I am hoping the drugs take affect. I thought I was doing better. We'll see in the morning. Anyway, I hope to not be so lame in my next post. Will you accept lame, but card related? Man, you are a hostile bunch....

1 comment:

  1. Just bring it!

    Seriously though, my wife has similar symptoms and it knocked her on her butt. Get well soon.