Monday, April 16, 2012

Trade #BradyBunch: Keep on trading all through the night

I had received these cards a good week plus ago from Julie at Things Are Funnier Here, but hadn't posted about them because while Juls was all over the delivery, I had to wait for some funds in my account to get my envelope out to here. I just wanted to wait to get my mail heading to her before I posted what she had sent.

The thing about this trade - it came about more from my blog reading and stored knowledge then over a want list, so to speak. If you remember back to a post days ago, I got a Halladay relic from a rack pack and within seconds, remembered Julie's blog. A couple of emails later and a trade was created to satisfy her desire for all things Halladay.

I'm just guessing Jullie is a blond here.
My return cards should be in her hands soon, so lets enjoy her interpretation of "any White Sox are fine":

Nice selection of cards that once again, I have none of. The great part of this group - I don't remember a couple of the players being on the Sox. Old age or laziness - not sure. I remember Brian Anderson, though. Groan..... Loving the Sale refractor. I'm thinking if I start a collection of a current ball player, it's going to be Chris Sale. We lost, but he looked pretty good yesterday against the Tiggers.

Another Sale (love), a couple serialed cards. Yes, that one on the right in a Rockie. I am thinking Julie went the serial route in adding it, or Troll passed her a nip of his flask and she didn't notice it was a Rockie. I love it just the same. And that auto card is a sweet clear mylar card, so I couldn't use a black background when scanning. I'm beginning to like auto cards more than relic cards.

Thanks again Julie for the trade. Her blog is a great read, so if you haven't visited, you are missing out on the musing of a Phillies fan.


  1. LOL sorry about the Rockie. Haha...but glad you like it just the same! I am totally stealing that Collect all the Halladays you is amazing! Thanks for the trade, let's trade again soon!

  2. I really like Sale too and I'm looking forward to seeing him as our starter all season.