Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday feature: Stuff I like #2

For this day's SIL, we are going back almost 14 years, stepping out of the card realm while staying in sports. Behold, the wondrous joy of the ticket stub:

Oh $15 sports ticket, how we miss thee

 I am sure many of you reader (again, no typo) will recognize the category of the item, and have a few dozen yourselves as souvenirs. But this one is special. It is the one and only time I was in person when I team I liked won a championship and got to hold a trophy aloft. If you have ventured through my profile to my older blog (I need to get back to that puppy), you will find a post that details my history of unfortunate circumstances that screwed up the full enjoyment of the championships I could have experienced real time, but because of the fickle finger of fate,  I would be elsewhere. This game was in person and I got to share the joy with 18k+ fans.

I love ticket stubs. Just now, going through them to find this one stub brought back some great sports memories. I am missing a good half of them as I never remembered to save them well (by tossing them in a top drawer), so a good lot of the game memories rely on my synapses. This one I saved. And then the Wolves go a sign a minor league deal with the Canucks. Nitwits....

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