Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trade #hand: the quest for Lord Stanley

Today starts the glorious post season of the NHL. First team to 16 wins gets the raise the holy hockey chalise. I feel if the man (whomever) is between the pipes for my Blackhawks can get hot, we'll go far. In fact, that is pretty much the main need of any team in playing from here on out - a goaltender that can stop anything and dang near everything that comes near his blue paint. Weak goals are a death knell (looking at you Luongo). For a quick blast of my playoff predictions, I have the Hawks and the Rangers in the finals, with, no shock, my guys taking it in 7. Now, should my beloved Hawks fail to make it to the finals, look at Nashville to get in. Tough grinding team in Tennessee.

All that being said, let's have a gander at the package I received from Robert at $30 a week habit. The best part, I find, at getting my collecting habit focused and organized is the ability to hit a lot of wants/needs lists and make a significant dent. It was a pleasure getting Robert a lot of older cards for an older set, and he returned in kind with a great envelope that warmed my hockey heart.

Love the sparkle, though I find those boys seem to scan......what's the word? Crappy. But I do love looking at the glitter-ness of them. As in past trades, you see 6 cards that I currently own zero. Well, owned zero BEFORE the trade. Now I have all 6 of them.

Oh yeah - BLACKHAWKS!!! Say what you want: the red sweater is the greatest uniform in sports, bar none. Stick it Yankees, BoSox, Lakers, Colts, etc.... Indian head sweater FTW. That OPC logo card is the bomb! Now, while I said above that if the Hawks don't make it, the Preds would, I still wouldn't mind the Dead Wings knocking them off, just for the great joy of the Hawks/Wings in the post season. Pure hated....

And we end with the joy of joys from Robert's envelope...

Danks relic (NICE!), Jackson refrector #22/562 (NIIIIIIIICE - lowest number I ever owned!), Quentin #49/99 (NICE!), and a Thomas Sweet Spot #528/599 (NICE!)

Thanks again Robert! Great guy - check out his blog linked above and help him out if you can. At least give his writing a read; I think you will like it.

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