Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trade #SnowWhite: whistle while you blog

Lucky #7 in trades has come. Robert at Lifetime Topps has quite the idea for collecting: get the base set for each Topps set created during his lifetime. That is NOT a project I intend to make happen. But browsing his needs lists, I found a few cards for some older sets he needed. You get the drill - email, reply, exchange of information, postal packages and BAM, we have a completed trade. Robert gave a quick look over my needs list and knocked out some of my 2012 Topps cards. I need 10 cards to complete series one. I know you want to help me, so what are you waiting for? Either click on the "Wants" link at the top of this page, or click on all these pretty words to be taken to the page. Then figure out what you are willing to part with, email me and we'll make it happen.

You also want to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Check out what Robert sent in return:

I'm amassing quite a Sale collection without even trying. That is a statement and not a complaint. And I still kick myself for not buying a lot of those 2011 GQ cards. 

Love the Lineage refractor, and doesn't that thing just scan like a bad@ss mofo?! I am trying to forget the Manny debacle, but Topps pulls me back in! Love the Iguchi card at the bottom. 

The remarkable thing about all this trading - 7 down and I have yet to receive a duplicate of something I already own. It's like there is a camera in my house and you all can see what I have.

I see Tommy and Sally and Becky. I see Susan and Jeffrey.....you really shouldn't be touching that, Jeffrey.

Thanks again, Robert. Everyone with a decent stash of older Topps needs to give Robert's blog a look-see and help him achieve his goal.

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  1. "Charlie" at Lifetimetopps - but thanks for the trade! We'll have to trade again further down the line!