Tuesday, April 3, 2012

96 amazing hours

I am not sure if you would call it a buying binge, but since Thursday, I have bought some packs, couple rack packs and a couple blasters. And oh, the treasures inside. Let's start with last Thursday. I have had a $10 gift card to Target burning in my wallet. Time to break it out. So I hit the bullseye, grabbed a rack pack of Heritage (yeah, I know I said I am not liking them, but there are a few inserts I like), and I also picked up some Opening Day. Rack pack pull? Well take a look:

Oh hai

Knew immediately what to do with it. SOMEBODY needs to give me their mailing address (hint hint). But let's continue. Friday I had the day off. Needed some supplies (got my 15 up pages before I knocked over my stack of minis from my desk. Jeff 1 - Disaster 0).

Dropped off a couple cards for a signing event at my local card store and grabbed some packs of Goodwin Champs. And this pretty baby comes out. It's a black bordered mini of the great Robert Johnson. This is awesome to me for who Robert Johnson is. For those unaware, you will first send me all your 52 Topps graded 9 or higher as punishment for me typing the next sentences. Johnson is one of the greatest blues musicians of all time. He is the basis of the character that pals with Everett, Pete and Delmar in "O Brother". The story is that Johnson met with the devil at a crossroads and sold his soul for his musical talents. And what musical talents he got in return. Just pause in your reading, click on either this link or try this on and listen to the great Robert Johnson. And btw - that is just one man on one guitar.

Moving on. Had to run back to Target again (other stuff needed) and somehow I got pulled to the card section. Had my eyes on that newer "blaster" box that has 5 2012 Topps packs, 2 hobby Heritage and a refractor card. So grabbed one, along with a couple packs of Lineage. The Lineage packs contained a Halladay diamond sparkle card (hmmmm.....I wonder where THAT is going) and a Kaline cloth sticker. The 5 packs yielded this nice pull:

How you like my Conrad Pooh impersonation?

Not bad for a blaster box. Yeah, it's a Cub - I won't comment on that. Oh, and the Heritage packs gave me Pedroia refractor #1327/1963. Saturday was a 11 Topps blaster box series 2 on clearance at Wally World. Two diamond codes (they are still redeemable) and a Latos Padres throwback patch. Sorry, I stole this scan from eBay. I got lazy:

You still stole my heart, Jeff

And we come to Sunday, where I was able to get this card for $11 with shipping off eBay:

He stole this image too. POLICE!

Maybe some would say I overpaid. I'm not sure, but $11 for a certified signature of a White Sox great? I'd pay that anyday. So a good 4 days for sure.