Saturday, April 7, 2012

Organzied, with issues & a mystery

Well, I think I pretty much have everything sorted out. All the important sets are in order (for the most part) and all the other cards are in boxes. I think I will sort those out by team for ease of searching. Maybe....I don't know. But I have a dilemma. With all the blogs I now read, I see posts about amazing pulls, great trades and show finds. Virtual high five from me for sure. It's been making me think of the best pull I ever had. I usually pack myself to death, so without getting a full box, you are usually crap shooting to get a decent card. That being said, it took a while and I finally remembered the best card I pulled - 2009 Allen and Ginter mini with a Bazooka back numbered to 25. When I first pulled it, I was shocked that it was hand written on the back. It took a while to sink in how special this card was. And right now, I am unfortunately using the term "was", cuz the hell if I can find the card. Can't even remember who was on the face. But I know I had it in my hand and it wasn't some dream. I have spent the last week searching high and low. I find packs here and there about the house (bad organizing, remember), but this card is eluding me.

My son (now 19) was into cards for a while, so just on a whim, I hit the shoebox (literally) of the cards he has....just maybe. Found a ton of great cards I had all but forgotten about, as well as these relics/auto in his box. Not too shabby a group of cards to be hidden in a shoebox in the basement. That hockey auto stays, but I'll consider any offers to the other cards. That holds true on my trade bait page. If you see anything you want on there, email me. You would be pretty darn surprised how easy going I am in regard to trades. I would rather the cards be loved by someone instead of me just leafing past them to the stuff I truly enjoy.

I found a couple other quite "interesting" cards in the shoebox. Anyone remember these from the 05 Bowman Heritage set?

Don't make fun of my uniform.

Some Google searches claim returning one of these would get you a Mantle reprint. The back reads that you need to mail in the card before the date on the reverse side. Well folks, you are looking at the reverse side. No date. So....when do these expire? And DO they ever expire? 45 cent stamp, right? Well, let's roll the dice and see if a) the PO box is still valid and b) if they honor the redemption as, technically, the card never expired. I'll keep you posted.

If any of you have an idea where that Bazooka back is, could you let me know.

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