Monday, October 15, 2012


We've all heard about them. Those über hot packs with nothing but stars; amazing cards of incredible rarity and sheer purity of soul that they transcend this mortal planet and elevate into the reaches of the heavens.

This post will talk about the opposite of that. For every ying, there must be a yang, right? The dark side that balances the light side. A Moriarty to counter Holmes. A blaster of Update with nothing decent to speak of in the packs contained, and a blaster with a Bryce Harper auto. I got the former, and not the latter. Proof? Here, in my opinion, is the best card of the box.

Sad when that card is choosen only cuz of the stylish orange unis. Could I have picked one of the stars with an All-Star logo? You bet. But whoopie do on those. No short prints. No players in their new uniforms. Nothing. And the manu-patch?


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  1. Here is a positive - The Carlton patch card is far from the worst one in that set. I pulled Johan Santana & Josh Beckett...