Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trade #16: West side!

Let's get another trade post up, shall we? Greg with PTSIA (that's Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle) had a want list. I had cards that were just taking up space. Isn't that how most trades get started? Now, I took part in Greg's card draft #2, and along with my winnings he dropped me a nice stack of White Sox. Bonus, right there. But that isn't what prompted me to give his Ginter needs a dent. It was more a "holy crap, I have too many Ginter cards" revelation, so it was time to thin the herd.

I said no pack searching!

Greg sent along a great group of cards,  and cleared 3 from my A&G mini want list. Highlights?

Holy HELL do I love that Robinson sparkle. The color is great with the Oriole colors, and I do love that uniform. Need that Big Hurt for the Ginter sub set of sketches. And a very young Black Jack McDowell minor league card. Is it me, or does that uniform look like a beer commercial? And the three mini knocks...

Two Giants and a doggie. Slow go, but I will complete those and the Bible subset. You really should check out my needs for those and help me out. I'm nice men. 

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