Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This means war (plus vintage)

I am a few days late getting this up. Granted, I know you have no clue what happened a few days back, and maybe you don't give a flip. But I am going to tell you anyway, cuz this is my house, and this is my yard and you can just take your toys and go home.

Wait....wait. Don't leave. I'm sorry. I haven't had anything to eat yet today, so I am a little cranky-er. Let me take a few deep breaths and center my thoughts before I come over there and smack you around for acting like everything is all about you, cuz it's not!

Oh boy - hold on. Let me grab a bagel real fast.


So much better. Again, I apologize for all that. So where was I? Right - the other day. The other day was the monthly raffle and pack wars at my LCS. I have tried for many a month to get there, and finally had the chance. Didn't partake in the food (wasn't hungry) or the liquids (Coors Light?), but I did check my tickets for purchases during the month and for the door prize. No winners there, but that's alright. Cuz it's your favorite and mine - PACK WARS. It's like robot wars, but without the robots. Or the arena. Or the fans with home made posters. So really, it's nothing like robot wars. I took part in two of the drawings. Ticket for the selected card and a ticket for hits. For starters, how about a quick glance at my hits for the night?

Technically, the Kopitar is from a pack I purchased before I left. Nice hit, but way too much white space on that card. The Lindley is numbered to 350, which would be something if I knew who the hell this guy was. You want it? Email me. That Coffey was hidden right behind the exact same base card in the card. Deju vu for sure. Nice relic of an Oilers sweater.

Well, my tickets from pack wars did garner me a couple wins. I snagged an Earl Bennett autograph (8x10) and a blaster of Bowman Platinum. The Bennett will look nice on the wall, but I know you want to see the awesomeness of the blaster. Well, go to another blog, then, cuz the best part of this blaster was that it was (for the most part) free. Best three cards?

Trout and Paulie base. And a nice Chippa die cut. Like I said - snoooooooooooooze.

Ok - so I said "vintage" in the title, and that is why you are still reading. Here's the deal. Before I hit my LCS I stopped at Target for a few needs, and picked up a repack box of 10 packs. Nothing so great, but I was shocked when I pulled out three vintage packs to open. Usually, you only get packs from this century, but holy hell if the repack did go old school on me.

HEY!!! Those babies are almost 25 years old!!!! Ok, ok...I suckered you into that. But it was fun to have the feel of a true wax pack in my hand again, as well as the Score celo pack. As my standard, here are the best three cards, one from each pack:

Hell yeah I pulled a Johnson rookie card! Surprised to see that. The other Donruss was a major blah with the Gwynn being the winner. The Score was even worse, but you always respect the specs when it comes to Tekulve.

It was fun, if not completely knocking my socks off. But there are drawings at the end of every month, and it can only go up.

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