Wednesday, October 31, 2012

That's no moon!

Happy Halloween for starters. I just realized I am Star Wars referencing in two consecutive posts. Unintentional. Anywho - this post(s) comes courtesy of my wife for two reasons. For starters, my wife was needing some pants to go with a quick Bears outfit for work (in a school, ya know). I figured a pair of black baseball pants would do the trick, and my kids had spares around. It was the point of finding them. Well, look-look-look and nothing. But while looking, I spotted this DVD player box, that I have seen a million times before yet never really noticed. "Why's this old thing here" I thought, and proceeded to open it and toss the old player inside. Oh - but this was not a container for some recent technology; oh no. Within the depths of the box was a wonderous surprise...


My wife has this stuffing habit. At times it sucks, but this time it was awesome. In the box were blasters and packs of cards. Lot of 2008 UD baseball, a few packs of Star Wars and Indiana Jones (don't judge me!), some Topps 2006 base, Goudey and a smattering of hockey. But the winner? Allen & Ginter. 2006, 2007 and 2008 A&G. Sweet mother!

You rang?

We'll get to the spoils over a few posts. For starters, lets talk about a blaster in the box called "7th Inning Stretch". A repack box from a few years back for $15. What did I get? There is a sealed pack, but that was not in the box. Don't recall what it was. Here are 4 of the other 7 items.

SOOOOOOOOO exciting. The window for the relic swatch is even smaller than it looks in that scan. Ok, here is item #6.

Dig that check list! I more wonder how the gum would taste. I mean, the celo wrap is still on. I bet it's still soft and minty. The last item in a graded gem 10 card. Drum roll....

Um. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. If you are interested in any of this stuff, let me know.

So I'll post a little more of the spoils of the DVD box tomorrow. It'll be better - I promise

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