Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trade #18: just in time for hockey season

Few days late getting this up, but let's talk about my most recent trade received. This time, Scott over at Scott Crawford on Cards posts a bit of trade bait one day. Either he is a stalker, or stumbled upon my blog some drunken night in July when I talked about my pseudo Ben Petrick collection, as he posted a couple Petrick cards that I could not pass up.

Format.....(hic)... Jack Daniels /blur

Well, it took a few emails, mainly because the chain of correspondence got buried under all my offers for fake watches, new jobs, Cialis and H0T g|rLz th@T w@Nt t0 ch@T N0w. But we recovered nicely and pulled off a great trade. I had fun giving up a bunch of relics that had no connection to my heart and got a killer stack of cards in return. Lookie? Sure. Here's the Petricks that I desired.

Autograph #2 in my collection, and my first mini. The auto is from 2000, same year as the other one I own. I bring this up because the signatures are indentical, in the fact that there is no sign of tremor in his stroke. I will say this - both signatures are "small". I have seen a card from 1999 with his autograph on it and there is a definite height and width to his signature that is lacking in the 2000 cards. My wife would have the same issues signing her name, depending if she was off or on her meds. I am going to say Ben was not getting good response from the meds in the two cards I signed. Not horrible, because the signature flows, but his hand and arm was rigid, which makes for the smaller, tighter signature.

There are a few White Sox vintage in there and Scott hit me up with some cards I needed for '12 Series 2. But then he POUNDED me with Blackhawks cards. Ohhhh baby!

Here is but a very few of what he sent. What is great about these is I "lost" a 5000 count box to water damage years back. All hockey. So the killer team sets he sent replaced those cards and then some. Great Roenick - gotta love those All Star uniforms. Gramps in the top middle with a nice Belfour next to him. Love the simplicity of the borders on the Score set in the middle. Yes - that is a rookie Hasek. Can you believe we traded that guy? And the Bolland needs an autograph. The framing on that card is so sweet.

Scott - thanks a bunch for all the cards. So glad to get so much hockey just 2 weeks into the sea.... What? They are what? DAMMIT!

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