Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The end is near!

Well folks, it's been a 162 games, and then some, but we have finally arrived at the series to end all series. Literally....for the 2012 season. It should be exciting, and from a uniform standpoint, not too ugly. I always like to do a look-see back at the pre season predictions, to get an idea who was right, who was wrong, and who was not sharing the bong. Follow along here.

So 19 of the writers had the Angels taking it all. Why? Pujols is one man, guys. One. And he doesn't even pitch. The D-Backs made 14 writer's World Series, all losing. I guess they are kinda right. Arizona didn't win the World Series this year. Just one put the BoSox into the finals, winning it all. So the Bristol bias didn't appear too much, but enough to know that Karl Ravech has a drinking problem. A grand total of 6 got it 50% right, in regard to the Series. Interesting that the only times that Detroit were selected to make the WS, they were predicted to win it all. Conversely, the 2 times El Gigantes were guessimated to make the dance, they were chosen to lose. So, in no more than 7 games, either six writers will be half right, or they all will be completely wrong. I guess somewhat right is better than being way wrong. Eh, Dimwit?

So grab your popcorn and get the most confortable seat in the house. Here comes the fun. And oh yeah - Tigers in 5. Hate to say that, but the truth is the truth.

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