Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trade #19: the forgotten trade

Why title this the forgotten trade? That's real easy. When you get some great cards, and then you kind of forget about them and continue on posting about other trades, only to realize as you are making some attempt to organize your email that you have a message that sparks your mind on whether or not you shipped your end of the trade. to then have an epiphany that you never posted the great envelope you received in return - then you make the title "the forgotten trade".

I know a little about being forgotten.

This awesome trade took place between myself and Chris over at the very cool Nacho Grande blog. We turned me reading about a trade he completed into each of us doing some damage to the others want lists, along with a few extras cuz that's what you do. My 2012 A&G base got a great beatdown by Chris, and he included a good stack of White Sox to boot. I won't bother with the Ginter - me thinks you have seen plenty of them. How about a quick scan of three great Sox cards he included?

Remember Carlton as a White Sox? It lasted all of 10 starts in '86, but Topps gave him his due. Luis in a GORGEOUS Goudey reprint. Damn, I do love that card. And John Garland on the right in a throwback to the 1906 South Siders.

Thanks a ton to Chris, and also a public apology to him. I shouldn't have forgotten about this trade and posted it sooner. Hope you can give me a little grace. And to the NHL owners and players - enough. Play some frigging hockey.


  1. Love the '07 Ultra Garland, those old Sox unis are among my favorite throwbacks.

    That Cheap Trick clip is one of the greatest pieces of live music I've ever seen. They've quickly become one of my favorite bands ever since I started getting into them within the past few years.

  2. I've mentioned it before but it seems strange to me that the White Sox had Carlton and Seaver on the team within a year of each other. Seaver had a longer stay starting 78 times and garnering 33 wins, just over 10% of his career total.