Friday, October 5, 2012

Trade #17: sort of a trade

Three trade posts in a row. Wow!!! For starters, if you don't know the Collective Troll, you should. Really. He's a great guy and a bunch of fun. You can tell Troll just has passion for things in life. The dude hobbies in roller derby - COM'ON! How awesome is that? Well, this is the second trade between the Troll and I. Though, as I subjected, this really isn't a designed trade. Troll's the kind of guy you just like to drop cards on cuz it's fun to do. I know I dropped him an envelope a few months back (and I have a 2nd group of cards I am building for him), so Troll, being Troll, just sent me back a nice stack of cards. Far too many to scan, but let's look at some of the highlights.

VINTAGE! That '66 Lamabe on the left is autographed, so double bonus on that. The '65 Stephens on the right is in really nice condition. And yeah, that is a pseudo-vintage in the middle, serialed #284/1959.

Night Owl talked the other day about Starting Lineup cards, so interesting Troll has an Albert Belle card in the pack. I do remember collecting SLU back in the day, and still own a loose Jordan vs. Thomas (with the cards). Speaking of Jordan, there is his Airness on a blue bordered insert for UD. Lastly, while I do not collect football, who can pass up a card of Butt-head? Note the complete lack of logo creep on Butler's uniform. Pretty.

Lastly, Troll sent the ultimate Ray Durham collection. Got to be over 30 cards of the former second baseman. Here's my vote for the three best.

Always love Fleer Ultra action shots. They took the time to really pick out quality images, and the fronts of the cards are fairly clean. Remember laser cut cards? There is something enjoyable about them now. Five years ago, they sucked. Now, they have a quirky joy about them. Flair - always seemed so high end in their look. Jeff like!

Thanks again, Troll. Watch your mailbox

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  1. Awesome!!! Its not garbage if its new to you!!! Ha!
    Those Ray Durham cards used to be an old badmitton racket! That was fun wasn't it???
    I used to draw my quirky inspiration from the Sox... Now I think you have ALL remnants of that collection... Ray Durham was a SUPER decent dude... I haven't seen or talked to him since the late 90's, but my youngest son was born in '96, around when Ray was getting established as a big leaguer. I brought my baby to the ball park in spring training and Ray said "that little slugger needs a bat in his hand!" AND he pulled a brand new signature bat from his bag and signed it up as a gift. He's sixteen now and not a baseball fan by any means, but he still treasures that bat... Good dudes make good memories... Another decent dude was Jack Lamabe. He gave me that card from his personal collection! I interviewed him years back before he passed away - one of the topics was Albert Belle, another fav of mine and an ex sox dude. Lamabe was LSU's head coach way back when. He stepped down 2 years before Belle attended, but did scout and recruit Albert and they had a relationship. The interview was done over 3 visits and I had mentioned I collected cards - on the third visit he brought me that one. He played for 3 teams in '67. The Sox (not too great), the Mets (horrible) and finished the year with the Cards and won a RING with them! He was proud that no one really wanted him, but he ended up sticking with the Cards and won it all. His best moment in the Show. I love this game, I love this hobby!!!!
    I am a quirky dude! Cheers Jeff!!!!