Saturday, October 27, 2012

The dollar menu

Been a while since I took at stab at some repacks. Now, usually I prefer the pack repack boxes from Walmart or Target. True - you get CRAPLOADS of Upper Deck opening day, or whatever they call that set, but you get a few fun packs too. And you never know what you could pull, like a #/18 Reggie Jackson Goudey or a Eric Chavez relic. It's a dice role, but at a buck a pack, they sure make for a nice period of fun.

This post, however, is not talking about pack repacks, but the dollar store repacks. If you have seen them, it's like 30 cards for a buck, with a star card showing and mostly junk wax inside. Still, you can pull some nice stuff from these. We stopped at a dollar store and I picked up 3 baseball only packs. How'd I do? I am glad you asked.

Here are the three cards you could see through the front of the package.

These come from a set put out in 1986 by the Sporting News called World Wide Sports. According to the backs, the pictures used are from Charles Conlon and they are limited to 12,000 sets. So we have Fred Clarke on the left. Yeah - "who" is right. The back says....well, it doesn't say what team he played for. I know he batted .406 in 1897, but lost the title to Wee Willie Keeler that year, who put up the insane .432. Wikipedia says he played for the Colonels and the Pirates and is in the HOF. Ok. On the right we have Harold Traynor. You may know him better with the nickname "Pie". His card back has a few snarky remarks, but nothing funny enough to repeat. That dapper man in the middle. He only played in 2130 consecutive ballgames.

Alright, now those are nice cards, but you hope for a couple keepers in each pack. I figure if you find 3 more out of the rest of the cards, you made out on the packs. How'd I do? I am glad you asked. Pack one is probably the weakest of the bunch. Here's the best three in my opinion.

Two White Sox cards. I like the '85 Baines. The Hough in the middle? Yes - Charlie did pitch a while for the Sox, but I like the misprinting on that baby. It really is as blurry as it looks. Winner!

On to pack two. And this pack I am calling "kinda not right", cuz the three cards I think are the best are just a little off. Here, let me explain.

First we have Boggs as a Yankee. I do know he played like 4 or 5 years there, and actually won a WS title with them, but he still seems like a BoSox to me. The Brett in the middle? Note he is listed as the DH. Lastly we have Donnie Baseball. Do I really need to point out what's missing?

So if pack two is called "kinda not right", then pack three is named "holy sh*t, that is so wrong".


Murray as a Met? Wrong. Blue as a Royal???? Are you frigging serious? And Williams managing the 'Spos? Ok - he did have his longest managerial tilt there, but completely forgettable. 

So I think I made out well, even if the ending made me scratch my head.

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