Thursday, January 31, 2013

Days late and many dollars short

Well. everyone has enjoyed their spoils of Topps flagship release. And it's been great fun reading about the packs, rack packs, blasters, boxes and cases the blogs have been opening. I've been fine seeing everyone posting the look of the set, as well as all the nice inserts. No jealousy at all.

I've been Jeff's best friend the past few days.

I finally had a chance to get to a store. I had a Target gift card with just over $6 on it, so with that and a couple quarters, I was able to grab 3 packs to open and enjoy. I don't see myself going hard at this - pack here and there. Maybe a blaster. But ripping is in my blood, so I had at it with my limited funds. I did ok. Wanna see?

This is the only ChiSox out of the three packs, but I like it. And I yanked a die cut to start off the year. Granted, not a diecut that thrills me, but I am sure one of you reading it would like it. 

I am going to need two of those RA Dickey's. One goes in the throwback binder and the other would make the stirrup binder. Haren has some nice high cuffs too, but it's a shame the card border doesn't let us all appreciate them. Oh well. 

Lot of Dodger love in pack two as well. Whoa....slow down, Plaschke. That Koufax ain't leaving this house, so close down your email. Blanton goes into the high cuff binder with RA and Dan. 

Pack three was uneventful. There is the requisite green sparkle. Umm, Night Owl - what I said about the Koufax goes for the Kershaw, too. Maybe when I pull the crappy Dodgers, I'll share with you guys. Got the usual weird coalition in the third pack, pulling the base Clayton with the greenie. 

Since we all weigh it, I'll do the same. So far, the images are nice. The green sparkles do make the pictures pop out. Some of the colors of the diamond/baselines just do not work on the colored inserts. Sure - that Furcal is nice, but a red parallel with a orange Met or a green Athletic will look like crap. Same will go with some teams with the Walmart blue. That chase blurb matching the player with some superstar on the back of the card is stupid beyond stupid. Obviously the chase idea was the theme of the year. Still incredibly dumb. This is how you do a chase.


  1. I have a card package for you that might make you change your mind on that Kershaw.

  2. Yes, the Cardinals look great on the red parallels. Speaking of which, I kind of need them all!