Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three envelopes of white

I'm not sure if this will be a pattern for 2013, but if it is, I won't mind. I like dropping 4 or 5 cards on someone just cuz.... why the hell not. I've had the benefit of three PWEs showing up at the 2x3 Heroes headquarters over the past couple days. And boy, do I like what I saw within each one.

Starting off we Jaybarkerfan with his power of a single stamp. Some how he has shown me love twice. Again - no complaints. So what came in magic #2?

That's some coolness right there. I love the two golds, especially the Ventura. I had bought one pack of that Studio year ago and thought the idea, while corny, is kinda of fun. But none of the cards in that pack were south siders. Jatbarkerfan just fixed that. Thank you sir!

The second envelope came from Zach, a bit of a newbie in blogland. Check him out over at Underdog Card Collector. Zach jumped on a couple cards from the PWE trade page, and sent me a couple cherry Blackhawk cards.

Love me a nice reprint, especially for a HOF and a retired jersey like Hall. The Amonte is acetate, so I put a piece of white paper behind the card so you can appreciate it. Which you really can't cuz any scanner doesn't show cards enough love. Those are two beuts, though.

Last, we have Chris from the always great Nacho Grande. Chris did one of my favorite things - he ripped a repack box. In one pack he pulled an Adam Wilk. Holy crap that is a no brainer. I always keep my eyes out for Larkin cards, so an email and a stamp later, I have this fine card.

I am fairly certain there is no relation to me. Just like I know the first doctor my children had was not related to me. Nor is our current doctor related to me. Yes, I am not kidding. My children have only ever had a family physician named Dr. Wilk. It's not weird.


  1. I love that Studio set the year they did credit cards. The gold ones are the best because they're plastic. Can't really hurt 'em....

  2. Awesome, I'm glad you got them, 2x3!
    A post with yours I found to follow (thank you so much!).

  3. Aw man, I miss the Underdog Card Collector. Good guy.. hope things are going well with him and his family.