Saturday, January 12, 2013

Repack Wars: The Phantom Timeline

Up for another Repack Wars? You know the rules - best card of the pack. We have another 20 pack box for $20. Can I get my money back? Here we go!

Lead off pack is good old 2011 Topps. Pretty uneventful (remember that word - I'll be using it a lot this post), so I am giving the win to a great shot of a sawed off piece of lumber. I will start a binder page of these types of cards - they're pretty sweet.

The gods looked down on me this repack around and only saddled me with one pack of O-Pee-Chee. Sucked as usual, but at least they picked out one decent shot of Roy here.

2009 Upper Deck X. I'm picking the shiny out of this pack. The rest weren't so great and the die cut? More on that later. Keep reading.

Another 2011 Topps. Did better in this pack. A Cobb Topps 60 I need, so in the collection it goes.

Going back one year to the 2010 Topps release. Very blah pack. Let's give the nod to a presidential insert. Don't look too long into his eyes, though. Trust me.

2008 UD Piece of History. Never had a pack of these in an insert before (I don't recall). Since I picked a nobody rookie card as the best of the pack, you can guess how I feel about getting more of these. Zzzzzzzzz....

2009 Goodwin. Here was a great pack. The mini was nice. The other cards were great. But you can't beat a young Fisk.

Upper Deck Icons. This was a dreadful pack of boring players. I picked this card as the best because it's the worst. I get they don't want the Icons foil logo over the player, but did you need to make a card so incredibly off center? It took me four scans to get this image because the card kept tilting off to the left side and going unbalanced.

Ok - that last part is a lie, but you get my idea.

2010 Topps. They finally start "getting it" about their images. This card is pretty to all four corners. If you pay attention, you notice that is the home plate umpire making the call at 3rd. So we must be talking a drive to the left field corner that would pull the 3rd base ump away from the bag.

2011 Allen and Ginter. Talk about a pack of commons. That's all I have to say about this pack.

2011 Heritage. It's the Babe. That's all I SHOULD have to say about this pack.

2009 UD Timeline. If you have read my posts about repack boxes and all I have pulled and hit, you may have heard me say that the boxes are crap shoots at best. I say that now because this card is the best hit in the box. Rookie and serialed to /100. Unexciting, though.

2009 UD Baseball Heroes. When you have those three players on one card, with three vintage logos, you pass on the rest in the pack.

60's ORIOLE CARTOON LOGO BIRD HOT BOX! Seriously, we have a Jim Palmer from a 2010 Topps. Not a good pack, so this won by default.

Back to 2011 Topps Update. We have a diamond sparkle. Blah player, but the rest of the pack was worse. So congrats Rickie!

2011 Topps. See my comment about about Topps finally getting it with their images. Nice photo.

Above I showed an Adam Dunn as the best of a pack of Upper Deck X. Here is the other pack. My comment about the die cut? I am now the proud (?) owner of two Ryan Braun die cuts. Yup - same card in both packs. Ain't I a lucky guy....

Upper Deck Masterpieces. This was a great pack. I pulled another Clemente that I showed on a previous war, so I am going with Mr. Clinton here. His cap is a little goofy a-top his noggin, but it's a nice card.

The sunset card for Ivan Rodriguez in the 2011 Topps. You have to love the look of the old veteran giving tender advice to the up and coming youth. Ivan has been here before, so I like how he is just talking with Strasburg, trying to calm him down. Another example of the improvement with Topps picture selection.

Last pack is Upper Deck Spectrum. The purple on these are dreadful. And while I pulled a blue parallel of Pujols, a card of a pitcher at the plate kills. Right, Nick?

Well, that wraps up another repack. Not so great, and I probably didn't recoup all of the $20, but ripping twenty packs was a blast. It's kind of a guilty pleasure.


  1. wow...pretty bad for $20. It is a hit or miss thing. Recently I've been more pleased. But $1 per pack I guess still isn't too bad. Except all the packs are retail.

  2. I love the 20 packs for 20 bucks.

    I'll trade you for those 2 president cards, too! I have a nice stack of White Sox that gets bigger every day as I divvy up my non-Griffeys....

  3. If only the Babe were still with us today.