Friday, January 4, 2013

Some trades just never stop - the tale of two Pierces

I only have about 30 trades or so under my belt, but I am sure those with far more can relate to the trade that starts small and then just grows and grows. Partially because of asks, but mostly because of generous offers. In the email conversation, something is just sort of said without any intent of anything, but the reader on the other end picks up on it and makes an offer, which you are a fool to turn down. So the trade grows and grows. This is one of those types of trades. It started with an email I received from Patrick at Hot Corner Cards saying he had 3 cards on my want list. I will trade for ANYTHING, so the emails started.

And the three cards grew into a larger and larger trade. If you happen to see my wants page and notice my 07 and 08 A&G needs, that's Patrick's fault. See, he made mention about having some 2007 Ginter and could have some 2008 if he knew what I needed. Well, up goes the 2008 needs list, and the trade grew even larger. When the dust settled, I ended up with a crapton (it's an industry term) of 2007 and 2008 Ginter cards and bunch of White Sox, along with the cards that started the whole trade. I didn't scan all of what you have seen a million ways before, but let me say it was an awesome trade to complete. Well, technically, I am finishing the back half of the trade - Tigers for 2008 Ginter. That's going to ship in a few days.

The other day I got a bubble mailer. Oh yes - the '53 Bowman Pierce I won off eBay!!!

Got it for about $7 shipped. That was some fast turn around. So I open the package and it's a Pierce, but the wrong Pierce.

It still is a Pierce I need for the Project, but the eBay seller didn't send the '53 Bowman, this is a '58 Topps Mound Aces. Great card. Love the condition, but how do I tell him it's not what I expected? And then I looked closer at the envelope. "I know this address", I thought. So I did some email searching, and who's address should it be? Patrick's.


DUDE!!!! You've destroyed my 2007 A&G, murdered my 2008 A&G list, dated my daughter that is my 2012 Update wants - now you just drop a card like this on my lap "just cuz"? Are you some kind of angel?

So that's how one blogger made me work my tail off creating, then updating want lists, along with sorting, boxing, scanning and uploading. It was AWESOME! Go check out Patrick at Hot Corner Cards. You can't go wrong.

(PS - I got that real eBay Pierce the next day.)

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