Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome to the binder, jack***

Player collections and specialty collections. We all have some form of collection beyond sets and teams. For the most part, we try and get all of one player or another. For me, you can look at my Pierce Project, my Ben Petrick collection, and future projects of players that will go into Joe Crede and Tadahito Iguchi.

Then you have your specialty collections. Nick over at Dime Boxes has about 1.7 million of those. You have Night Owl with his awesome night cards, Robert and his Serial Insanity, GCRL's double play cards.... you get the idea. Me - I have a few specialty collections that I am working to get off the ground. I love throwback uniforms, as you find on my Thursday feature. I love miscut cards. GRCL made me love the turn at second. And I love high pants.

It's the high pants cards that is becoming a new love for me. If you look back in the game, the pants kept getting lower until a great majority nowadays wear pajama pants. It's rare when you find the players that get it just right. Totally proper would be wearing stirrups with your high pants, like...

Mr. Outman here. But, if you can get a decent looking high cuff going, you will be added to a new binder collection of recent cards showing players that still wear it right. So we get to see the likes of

Ubaldo Jimenez.

Juan Pierre.

Mark Ellis.

And Cody Ross.

My dilemma? To properly run this binder, I will have to add cards of players like this...

PED use aside - Clemens is a total A-hole. He's those cards I love to put in trade packages because I can't stand him. Now, I may have to keep them.

Ya know - the collection is really my choice. I guess I could decide on high cuffed cards that "look good". It's all subjective, right? Ok - you get a card, Mr. Clemens. I just hope there are none that show Barry Bonds high cuffed.



  1. Actually, I have 1.8 million "specialty collections". :)

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

    I want that Barry Bonds card. You're not alone there.

  2. That is an interesting PC theme, and you've got the perfect song to go with it!
    I don't have a "picture-themed" PC, but now you've got me thinking about one...
    Thanks a lot!

  3. You'll have several pages of delino deshields cards I'd you're not careful.

  4. Wow, that's a terrible looking Bonds card.