Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Out of the blue

Ya know what's cool? If you answered me, you are totally sucking up. and it's working. But seriously, there are a lot of cool things. In the purpose of this post, getting cards in the mail for no reason - that's cool. Jaybarkerfan recently put a little teaser post talking about the magic of one stamp. Well, one stamp is totally cool when it's attached to an envelope containing baseball cards. I guess I am lucky and/or loved, because the other day, I had a PWE that when I opened, made no sense to me. Trust me - it was sweet, but I couldn't figure out where I had purchased these cards. Luckily, I save enough of the addresses I mail to that after a little math, I figured JBF as the guilty party. So, in what way did one little stamp change my day?

Good guys wear green. Did it end there? Nope.

VINTAGE!!!! Awesome photoshop FTW! I bet the Night Owl can't write a headline like those.

Thanks a bunch Jaybarkerfan! When you work day is sucking (even from home), opening an emvelope with 7 cards that were sent just cuz can really turn it around.

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  1. ELO was pretty big back then, but seem to be underrated today. Some perfect pop rock tunes in their repertoire.