Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trade to the Great White North

I'm going to let you ALL in on a little secret. I had another purpose for the card giveaway. Yes, I wanted to give back to all that read. I wanted to clear out some cards I didn't care and put them in hands of people that would. The other reason - it was a way to expand into potential trade opportunities. There, I admit it. I totally suckered you ALL in to possibly getting a trade with me and getting even MORE cards. I am such the cad.

Well done, Jeff. 

Ok - that's really not true. However, a side effect of the giveaway was that people could find my wants page, and that worked out a million times better than I ever expected. Take this trade. Doug with Sports Cards from the Dollar Store picked his two cards. When I got his address, he made mention he might have a few cards to fill my set needs for my Topps 89-90 Hockey. It ended up to be way more than a few for that. And Doug did a great Blackhawks dump on me to boot. Including

Shiny Hawks.

Hall of Fame Hawks.

All Star Hawks. Damn - I miss those orange, white and black uniforms.

Throwback Hawks.

Hawks weari....wait. What the hell are those?

And a dang purdy relic of Doug Wilson. She's beautiful. And remember those Topps?

When Doug was finished digging and shipping, he left me needing ONE card to complete the set. Ok - who can help me with a Trevor Linden?'s his rookie. But if you have one, I'll work out a great deal for it. 

Give Doug's blog a look. Hockey and baseball. Senators and Blue Jays. Can't go wrong. Thanks Doug. I'll buy the next Molson.


  1. Glad you liked everything! I think the 91 Pro Set cards are the French version, making them a smidgen less-overproduced than the English versions.

  2. doubled up laughter, the clapping guy and the skit at the end, HAHAH!

  3. Do you have any Elisha Cuthbert cards?