Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just can't get good help anymore

With photoshopping being the standard in the industry now (cuz we are all too stupid to read that a player is on a new team), over the years it has gotten better and better. We all know the cap train wrecks that Topps put out, starting in the late 60's, continuing into the 70's, and on up until current releases. While the results vary, they have improved over 40 years.

However, I am thinking that Topps is not using the same people between brands. I am pretty certain someone totally half-@ssed this effort over at Bowman:

Wow. I am hoping this kid makes it somewhere, cuz I would hate to have that be the ONLY card I ever see my face adorn.


  1. Wow. That IS a terrible Photoshop job. Haha.

  2. wow, that is TERRIBLE! Maybe it was done at an ITT Tech Photoshop class! haha

  3. That's quite a train wreck of an airbrush job.

    I know you're not going to like me posting a Cub card for you to look at, but Anthony Rizzo's 2012 Topps photoshop job is awful as well. The one you posted is probably a bit worse, though.

    1. Oh yeah - the really small and misplaced logo. Wrong color helmet. It shows two things:

      1) There are some talented photoshoppers working for Topps, and some that are bad, and

      2) Quality control is pretty bad across the board over there.

  4. I was gonna post about this mess of a card as well, they even photo-shopped the bat, you can see the guy on deck has metal ones.