Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Dirty Dozen

Hit a card show today. Not as large as my usual haunt, but we (my wife and I) were in the area, so I took a look around while she spent a little time at another store. The time limited me to just a few tables, and only $15 was spent, but I did pretty well I feel. Dime boxes put me just 2 short of the Panini Cooperstown base set, as well as some knock offs on a couple other sets. Pulled in some nice DP, high cuff and throwback cards for the binders, plus a couple White Sox. Cuz they were White Sox. Duh. My three big pickups...

Yeah - it's not a Blackhawk, but for $3, I couldn't pass up a nice dual swatch numbered to /150. Maybe someone reading this will make this an even better card??? If not, I will still love it.

First of two vintage I grabbed. I got this for $5, and maybe I overpaid a bit. The card is perfect, and the back is unmarked. Plus, how can you not like a card with that team on the front, and names on the back like W. Mays, C. Stengel, H. Bauer, D. Groat, H. Killebrew, S. Musial, and others. And the other vintage?

And thus, the title of the post is revealed. For six singles, I landed a card that is amazing in it's look. I could swear this was pulled from a pack opened yesterday. This '57 Topps leaves me just 12 short of completing my Pierce collection.